Farmer Life

Product Features

Who should take this policy?

Farmers and their family members, relatives, colleagues and others from the age of 16 to 60 who work on the farms should take this insurance.

Things that are assured

This policy covers the following risks of the insured during the life of the insured.

  1. 1. Death
  2. 2. Total and Permanent Disability
  3. 3. Accidental Injuries
  4. 4. Hospitalization due to Accidental Injuries

Exclusion Clauses

No benefits for any death and total & permanent disability and hospitalization due to existing diseases.

Who can purchase this insurance?

Farmers and their family members, relatives, colleagues and others who works on the farms can be insured. (Parents can purchase this insurance for their children of 16 to 18 years old.)

Sum Insured

From minimum 1 lakh to maximum 50 lakhs can be insured.

Policy Term

The term of the farmer life insurance is 1 year.


Premium rate is 1% of the sum insured.

Premium Payment

Premium has to be paid in a lump-sum.



For the death of the insured, the total sum insured amount will be paid as a lump sum to the beneficiary.


If any of the employees on the insured list is injured during the policy term, the benefits will be entitled due to the table rates. Suitable benefit will be paid according to the doctor's recommendation for injuries that are not listed on the chart.

Total and Permanent Disability

For total and permanent disability, the total sum insured amount will be paid as a lump sum to the beneficiary.

Accidental Injury

For the accidental injury of the insured, benefits will be paid based on the specified rates according to the doctor’s recommendation.


For the hospitalization at the hospitals and clinics acknowledged by the health ministry due to the accidental injury, benefits will be 2000 kyats per sum-insured 1 lakh for a day and it is allowed up to 3 times hospital expenses of maximum 5 days per one time (total 30000 kyats).


If the policyholder would like to make changes the following instances within the policy term, please inform KBZ LIFE Offices or KBZ LIFE agents for the endorsement. For instance-

  • • Beneficiary endorsement
  • • Substitution of the resigned/terminated employee (can be substituted within 1 year)

How to purchase this insurance?

If you want to purchase this Farmer Life Insurance policy, please contact either the KBZ LIFE staff and the KBZ LIFE Insurance agent or online and the following procedures are required:

  • (1) Fill application
  • (2) Inspecting the required documents
  • (3) Premium payment
  • (4) Issuance of the Protocol (Receipt) / Policy Agreement as Acceptance of the Request

If required, our KBZ LIFE and our agents are ready to provide service. You can contact any agent and KBZ LIFE. The representative will follow through until the insurance end.

How to claim for the compensation?

If you encounter an unexpected event, please send it to us.

  • • If the insured has died or injured accidentally during the term of the insurance, you only have to notify us immediately. The KBZ Life Office or KBZ Life representative or KBZ Life staff will assist you with any issues that may encounter in the process of compensation.
  • • Please provide us required medical evidences, documents and proves. KBZ LIFE will provide assistance to claim compensation.